The Weaves

With the continuous promotion of urban renewal and sustainable development, people began to think about the revitalisation and reuse of industrial heritage from the perspective of ecology. The Bays Precinct is close to the Sydney Central Business District as the original industrial land. Due to its highly advantageous location, the government has decided to rebuild The Bay Precinct to suit Sydney and strengthen it as an internationally competitive global city for people to live, work and visit.The core concept of "The Weaves" is to knit together a tangle of the natural ecosystem, heritage, waterfront promenade, and public open spaces for activities, leading people to meet each other through the exploration to enhance social interaction. On this site, people can encounter people in space, and history and modernity in time. The completion of "The Weaves" is not only a kind of restoration and restoration, but also a further improvement and expansion for the ecological environment of the region.
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Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia, as the traditional custodians of our lands, waters and seas. We recognise their ability to care for Country and their deep spiritual connection with Country. We honour Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensure the continuation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.