Natural Amplifier— Is nature in the city natural?

In the modern era of increasing urbanization, urban dwellers are losing their connection to nature. Humans are losing their connection to nature, and one of the major reasons for this is the disconnection from natural spaces due to urbanization.Human urbanization separates humans from nature not only spatially, but also in terms of human perception. In terms of spatial structure, there is a clear separation between people and nature in the city. For citizens in developed countries, contact with nature occurs primarily in the managed environment of urban parks and botanical gardens. This layout separates "areas of human activity" from "natural areas" as two concepts. Cities cut off the relationship between people and nature. Almost all natural spaces in the city are man-made. Humans have lost the opportunity to understand nature and the ability to read it. Thus the link with the land and nature is lost.Through this design, I hope to arouse people's attention to this topic, and I hope to cause people to think about the topic:"nature in the city".
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Acknowledgement of Country
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