Frugal Hedonism - The Flutter of Beats at the Bays

"We have forgotten how to have fun without spending tons of money and energy, willing to pay for so-called once in a lifetime experiences while overlooking the magic of our local landscapes. According to the authors of the book – The Art of Frugal Hedonism – a frugal hedonist knows that pleasure has very little to do with getting what we want or what is promoted as socially desirable. A frugal hedonist wields his or her wits and lust for life to extract pleasure from the contrast, for example, taking your shoes off to walk barefoot in mud after a long day on your feet, or from the incidental – observing a bizarre cloud pattern lying in the grass. It brings out the hybrid question I asked about the future of the Bays, what if repositioning simple pleasures in this post-industrial landscape can rebirth the site to become a new kind of Sydney urban development that celebrates a spirit of being frugal but spontaneously seeking incidental or non-incidental pleasures, being hedonistic but embracing a lifestyle in a simple and eco-friendly way. "
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