SEEDs In Harbour

The bays precinct has a long food industrial history from the early 19th century. From the abattoir to the wheat silo and to today's Sugar Australia. It has supported Sydney's urban development. However, urban development along with the land reclamation has greatly changed its conditions, leaving contaminants and other potential crises under the ground. Remediating and activating the bays precinct will be the keys to reshape this harbourside precinct. To revitalise the site, this project will explore the design ways to transform the Glebe island into an innovation harbour, in the meanwhile, encouraging the public to engage in the remediation process. The design will take the SEED method (social, ecological, educational design). The design will introduce a seed bank, water silos, a new campus, open public spaces, community facilities, commercial and residential areas, and ecological landscape systems.The silo will be renovated into a seed bank to collect, store and distribute the phytoremediation and later experimental plant seeds. A series of gardens and nurseries will be introduced to support and provide different solutions and methods of cultivation. In addition to traditional field planting, this project will also explore high-tech planting methods to provide resources to the seed bank.
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Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia, as the traditional custodians of our lands, waters and seas. We recognise their ability to care for Country and their deep spiritual connection with Country. We honour Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensure the continuation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.