Sound of the Environment

Sound is an asset in planning and design. Soundscape design can be used to deepen the overall experience, stimulate curiosity and help to provide site-specific character and atmosphere in the city. With the development of cities, environmental problems have worsened. Noise pollution and increased living pressure have brought psychological problems to residents. Therefore, the design aims to provide opportunities of physical exercise for users. To provide a place where people can release their pressure, a place for psychological purification, a place for enhancing community engagement. The human experience is highly sonic. Because one of the core properties of sound is its ephemerality—it does not endure long past its production, and even a recording is but a subjective representation of reality—it is easy to forget, even though it is one of our primary senses.
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Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia, as the traditional custodians of our lands, waters and seas. We recognise their ability to care for Country and their deep spiritual connection with Country. We honour Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensure the continuation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.